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    Mirel BIRLAN, Vasile PLES¸CA, Costin Hedwig GAˆ NDESCU, Dan Alin NEDELCU,
    Mugurel BA LAN, Cosmin BANICA˘ , Constantin PANDELE, Adrian SONKA,
    Observational asset for Near-Earth Objects, artificial satellites, and space debris: an
    assessment of concept

    Adrian Bruno SONKA, Andreea Ioana GORNEA, Mirel BIRLAN
    Photometric monitoring of PHA (3122) Florence

    Tiberiu OPROIU, Mihai BARBOSU, Vlad TURCU, Liviu MIRCEA
    Orbit Analysis of GOLIAT CubeSat

    Magda Stavinschi – 75

    Nicole CAPITAINE
    Magda Stavinschi et les “Journ´ees Syst`emes de r´ef´erence spatio-temporels”

    Suzanne DEBARBAT
    Magda Stavinschi – quelques souvenirs

    Les rencontres avec Magda Stavinschi

    Jean-Eudes ARLOT
    Observing the mutual phenomena: 1973-2015

    Mirel BIRLAN, Dan Alin NEDELCU
    Reflectance spectrum of (1154) Astronomia

    Anastasios GKOTSINAS, Jean SOUCHAY, Nicolas RAMBAUX
    The precession–nutation of the giant planets

    William THUILLOT, Benoˆıt CARRY, Paolo TANGA, Pedro DAVID
    Astrometry by ground-based telescopes for the Gaia mission .

    ISSN (print) 1220-5168                                                            ISSN (online) 2285-3758 /2012