Cristiana Dumitrache 


Period Projects Rol in proiect
1990-2006 Procese nestaţionare Ón atmosfera Soarelui si extensia lor heliosferica - Romanian Academy participant
1994-1998 Cercetari solare si heliosferice conexe misiunii spatiale SOHO - MCT/Ag. Spatiala Romana: Contr. nr.: 551c/1994-cod B1; 361/1995-cod A1;  participant
                 193/1996-cod A1, act aditional 2063/1997-cod A1, act aditional 1939/1998-cod A1)  participant
1996       - GRANT MCT/Eclipsa totala de Soare din 11 august 1999: Dinamica coroanei solare si a structurilor specifice (Contr. nr. 2031G- cod B1)  participant
1997 Modelarea structurilor coronale observabile la eclipsele totale de Soare - Grant contract 3016 GR Ministry of Research and Technology director
1998-1999 Pr. Fundamental Acad.Rom.: Eclipsa totala de Soare 1999  participant
1998 Modelarea structurilor coronale observabile la eclipsele totale de Soare - Grant contract 4038 GR Ministry of Research and Technology  director
1998 Studiul curentilor coronali - Contract 4067 GR Ministry of Research and Technology  director
1999  Conditii fizice in curentii coronali - Contract 90 GR Romanian Academy  director
1999 Experimente astronomice coordonate de la sol si din spatiu pentru eclipsa totala de Soare din 11 august 1999 -Contract 314 ANSTI  participant
2001  Modelarea ejectiilor coronale de masa - Contract 69 GR Romanian Academy  director
2001-2002  Pr. Fundamental Acad.Rom.: Maximul activităţii solare si conseciinţele sale Ón mediul periterestru  participant
2003-2005 Contract nr. 101/15.08.2003 cu MEC  participant
2003–2005 PNCDI, Programul AEROSPAŢIAL, Subprogramul Centre de excelenţă  participant
2004-2005  PNCDI, Programul AEROSPAŢIAL, Subprogramul Explorări spaţiale, Metode asteroseismologice cu aplicaţii la misiunile spaţiale de profil, Contract cu MEC 124/30.09.2004  participant
2005 - 2007   Project EFYRA - Contract 3 CEEX III director
2005-2008  Contract 1/03.10.2005 CEEX I, Platforma tehnologică naţională de dinamică spatiala  participant
2007-2008   Contract 256/2006 CEEX III, Promovarea dimensiunii europene a astronomiei romanesti  participant
2006-2009  Proiect CEEX M3 - Promovarea in programele europene si internationale a cercetarilor romanesti privind studiul variabilitatilor in sistemul Soare-Heliosfera-Pamant (VIS-SHP)  participant
2007-2008  Contract 243/2006 CEEX III, Heliosfera si Galaxia  participant
2007-2009  Romanian contributions to the Sun-Heliosphere Studies - ESA- PECS   contract ESA director
2012-2015 Participarea la programele stiintifice ale ESA - Contract 1/ 2012,  STAR, partner to IFA responsabil
2014 – 2015 ESA Project: “Space Situational Awareness Programme, P2-SWE-VI SSCC Operations and Enhancements“ - contract ESA responsabil
2016 - 2019  Centre of Competence for Planetary Sciences - ASTRES - Contract STAR Nr. 118/2016  participant
2017 - 2020  Space technologies used in the management of disasters and major crises, manifested at local, national and regional levels - SPERO - PN-III-P2-2.1-SOL-2016-03-0046  participant
2018 - 2020 Institutional Capabilities and Services for Research, Surveilance and Forecasting of Risks from Extra – Atmospheric Space - SAFESPACE participant
2018- 2019 P3-SWE-XVII - SSA Space Weather Coordination Centre (SSCC) Evolution - contract ESA responsabil
2019- 2020 P3-SWE-XXII - SSA Space Weather Coordination Centre (SSCC) -  contract ESA responsabil