Cristiana Dumitrache 

Curriculum Vitae



Current position: Senior researcher II, Head of the Solar Group

Address:  Astronomical Institute of Romanian Academy, Str. Cutitul de Argint 5, Bucharest 040557, Romania

Nationality: Romanian

Date of birth: December 23, 1956, Bucharest

Gender: Female


BS of Mathematical Faculty, Bucharest University (1979)

PhD in Mathematics, Astronomy, Astronomical Institute of Romanian Academy (1997)

Languages: Romanian (native), French, English

Computational skills: OS: Windows, Linux; Programming: Fortran, IDL, Mathcad; Editing: Latex, MsOffice  Html;   

                                  HPC: MHD numerical simulations

Work positions:

1979-1983 – Teacher

1983- present – Solar astronomer at Astronomical Institute of Romanian Academy – AIRA

(former Astronomy and Space Science Center – CASS), as follows: Assistant researcher (1983), Researcher (1990),

 Senior Researcher III (1992), Senior Researcher II (2000), Senior Researcher I (2016).


            Solar patrol observations and data interpretation (1983-1997)

            Solar and heliospheric researches (since 1983)

            Principal investigator or participant in many national research projects

             PI of ESA-PECS contract “Romanian contributions to the Sun-Heliosphere Studies” (2007-2009)

            Head of the Solar Group (since 2006)

            Head of the Astrophysics Department (only in 2009)

            Member of Editorial Board of Romanian Astronomical Journal (since 2008)

RoAJ Editor EnChef (since 2014)