Cristiana Dumitrache 

Member of SOC or LOC

2000 SOC First Results of 1999 Total Eclipse Observations
International Conference, 11-15 September 2000, Varna, Bulgaria
2001 LOC Solar Researches in the South-Eastern European Countries: Present and Perspectives
SREAC Meeting, 24 – 28 April 2001, Bucharest, Romania
2006 SOC, LOC Fifty Years of Romanian Astrophysics
International Conference, 26-30 September 2006, Bucharest, Romania
2007 SOC, LOC Flows, Boundaries, Interactions
International Workshop, 3-5 May 2007, Sinaia, Romania
2007 SOC, LOC Heliosphere and Galaxy Young Scientists
International School, 3-5 May 2007, Sinaia, Romania
2008 SOC, LOC Exploring the Solar System and the Universe (Bucharest Observatory Centenary)
International Conference, 8-12 April 2008, Bucharest, Romania
2009 SOC, LOC Recent Insights into our Universe
International Conference, 28-29 October 2009, Bucharest, Romania