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  • Professional and Ethical Standards for Romanian Astronomical Journal (RoAJ)


    Romanian Astronomical Journal is an open source journal - please read the About section for more details.
    By sending an article to Romanian Astronomical Journal, the authors agree with these copyright conditions.
    The copyright form is here: .

    Responsibilities of authors

    The articles must be edited in English language (very seldom in French) and in the journal defined latex RoAJ style. It is the author obligation to edit the article camera ready. Please pay much attention to the notices in the author guidelines section.
    Our policy is to introduce a manuscript in the revision process only when we receive all files (the latex file and figures). The manuscripts must be sent in RoAJ style. Non-compliant articles will be rejected. Please see the Notice to authors section.

    By sending an article to Romanian Astronomical Journal, the authors grant that their work is original and it has not been published elsewhere, integrally or partially.
    The authors should understand the standards of ethical behaviour, particularly in relation to the publication and dissemination of their research and the reference the work of others, with appropriate bibliographic references.

    Plagiarism is a serious violation of professional ethics. The plagiarism consists in reproducing text or other materials from other papers without properly crediting the source.
    Authors who quote directly from other published work must fully cite the original reference, and include any cited text in quotation marks. Figures may only be reproduced with permission and must be fully cited in the figure caption.
    Self-plagiarism represents the reproduction of old texts or results of the same author and is also considerate as a bad practice in publication process.
    The manuscripts that violate these ethics rules are rejected and the authors are not welcome to submit anymore manuscripts to our journals for a two years period.


    Responsibilities of editors and referees

    The editors of Romanian Astronomical Journal register any manuscript with a number and the date of reception. Any manuscript is sent to be peer reviewed and the corresponding author is acknowledging for the decision within an interval of two months.
    The reviewers should have no conflict of interest. The authors may identify individuals who they believe are conflicted and should not serve as referees, and reciprocally, the persons who are asked to review a manuscript should identify any potential conflicts of interest.
    Referees should adhere to high standards of ethical treatment of all authors in arriving at responsible and objective recommendations about the publication of material that they assess. A referee, who suspects any element of plagiarism in a manuscript under consideration, or any other unethical behaviour, should quickly report these concerns to the editor.
    Referees should validate the correctness, significance, novelty, and clarity of a manuscript under consideration, and then report their findings to the editor in a careful and constructive manner.


    Peer review process

    The reviewed articles should be treated confidentially.
    Reviewers are aware of the identity of the authors, but authors are unaware of the identity of reviewers. There are one or two reviews per article, depending on the decision of the first reviewer and the difficulty of the problems.
    The Editor in Chief, or the Secretary of the Editorial Board, sends an article to a reviewer. The reviewer could be member of the Editorial board or not. If necessary, an article is sent also at a second reviewer.
    The articles could be accepted, accepted after minor or major revisions, or rejected.

    A second filter is assured also by the Editor in Chief that assures the publishing RoAJ format corrections.


    You find here a general guide for Romanian Astronomical Journal.




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