The eclipse of 11 August 1999 is far behind, the survey of the related achievements is over, and so is that of the International Association "ECLIPSA '99".

After one year since our application, the transformation of "ECLIPSA '99" in the Association "ASTRONOMIA 21" was finally officially approved on 13 October 2000.

As its predecessor, "ASTRONOMIA 21" is a non-governmental, non-political, and non-profit organization, which likes to contribute, now, at the dawn of the 21st century, to the development of astronomy in Romania, in order to assign to this science the role it deserves in the culture and education of a civilized country. It is a hard task for all its members, professional or amateur astronomers, or just people in love with culture in general, and with astronomy in special.

To this end, "ASTRONOMIA 21" will obtain funds for the Romanian astronomy and will sponsor activities intended to contribute to this one's development. Also, it will organize conferences, seminars, professional and popularization debates, exhibitions, radio and TV broadcasts, will edit its own publication (on Internet, too), will support the publication of literary, cultural, and scientific works, all intended to a scientific education of the people, and especially of the youth. To ensure the promotion of astronomy at all levels, as well as the development of research in this domain, it will support the teaching of astronomy in Romania, cooperating with every public or private institution that wishes to contribute to the goals of the Association. Moreover, to stimulate the development of the national astronomy, it will award prizes and distinctions for special achievements in astronomy, and will support by grants the participation in national and international scientific meetings.

"ASTRONOMIA 21" intends to concentrate all efforts directed towards the progress of astronomy in Romania. 
The considerable force of the amateur astronomers, united into organizations or not, as well as the foundation of branches of the Association, in Romania and abroad, will contribute appreciably to the achievement of this aim.

The astronomy is a necessary step on the stairs of the human knowledge, a sine qua non component of culture. "ASTRONOMIA 21" will dedicate its whole activity to the Romanian astronomy, in order to recover this status, and to the promotion of national values in the domain of this heavenly science.

Besides the former members of the International Association "ECLIPSA '99", the Association "ASTRONOMIA 21" is waiting for new members, who love the astronomy, understand its role, or, simply, wish to contribute to the achievement of its goals.


President: Dr. Magda STAVINSCHI
Astronomical Institute of the Romanian Academy - Bucharest


Dr. Eng. Cosmonaut Dumitru Dorin PRUNARIU
Romanian Space Agency

Dr. Vasile MIOC
Astronomical Institute of the Romanian Academy - Bucharest

Secretary: Dr. Petre POPESCU
Astronomical Institute of the Romanian Academy - Bucharest


CD Press

Dipl. Phys. Andrei DOROBANTU

Dr. Alexandru DUMITRESCU
Astronomical Institute of the Romanian Academy - Bucharest

Dipl. Phys. Adrian ONCICA
Astronomical Institute of the Romanian Academy - Bucharest

Dr. Tiberiu OPROIU
Astronomical Institute of the Romanian Academy - Cluj

Dr. Nedelia POPESCU
Astronomical Institute of the Romanian Academy - Bucharest


In case you want to be a member of the Association, the contribution is 10 USD/year. 
Obviously, any supplementary contribution is welcome. Sponsorship will be mentioned on this site or in our presence in mass-media.