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Fireball detected over Romania NE region

The MOROI network recorded a multiple event on 2022-02-17 01:37:20 UTC. The meteor was detected by 3 stations (Mădârjac- ROIS01, Suceava- ROSV01, Bârlad-ROVS01). The image shows in red the luminous trajectory of the meteoroid. The final point of the luminous trajectory is depicted by the yellow circle. The three MOROI stations that detected the meteor are coloured in green. The fireball detections from each stations are represented on the image below.

The meteoroid, with an initial mass estimated to be around 500 kg, vanished completely during the ablation phenomenon. The luminous trajectory started at 88 km altitude and ended at 39 km, the body having a final speed of 24.39 km/s.

Although there are no remnant pieces of material because the object burned completely, based on dark flight segment simulation for a potential surviving fragment with a mass of 50 g under realistic atmospheric wind condition, we estimate that such a body would have landed in the Republic of Moldova. contact: ioana.boaca (at)

Published on: Feb 22, 2022

MOROI network and meteor detection

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