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Star Formation Rates in Galaxies

Our colleague dr. Cristina Popescu has written a chapter in a book called Star Formation Rates in Galaxies, published by Cambridge University Press. The topic dr. Cristina Popescu describes was firstly introduced by her in the field.

This book is is aimed at postgraduate students, young researchers and astrophysicists. Each chapter describes the state-of-the-art methods used to measure the intensity of recent or on-going star forming activity in galaxies and has been written by world-leading experts in the field.

"When I first received the invitation to write one of the book’s chapters, on the very topic that I first introduced to the field and then developed during my career, I was really thrilled." — UCLan's Professor of Astrophysics Cristina Popescu

Professor Popescu is President of the International Astronomical Union's Commission J1. She specialises in the investigation, formation and evolution of galaxies by studying the detailed physical processes that take place in these complex systems, related to the interaction of radiation with dust, gas and cosmic rays.

More details can be read at: UCLAN News Section

Contact: cpopescu (at)

Published on: May 28, 2021

Star-Formation Rates in Galaxies

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