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Solar Eclipse from Jun 10, 2021

An annular eclipse was visible from the northern hemisphere on Jun 10, 2021. The annular eclipse happens when the Moon covers the center of the Sun leaving a small edge uncovered.

In Romania, it was visible as a partial eclipse (0.1% to 2.2%) with maximum coverage in the north-western part of the country.

The Cluj-Napoca Astronomical Observatory observed this eclipse with a maximum coverage of 0.8% starting at 13:27 and ending at 14:27.

The image shows the maximum of the eclipse as seen from Cluj (46° 45' 29.45" North and 23° 35' 17.43" East) at 13:57. The image was obtained with a Coronado SolarMax Telescope (D=60mm, F=400mm) using an Hα filter.

Sun's activity is currently increasing. There were two active regions on the Sun. In this image there is a beautiful prominence visible on the eastern limb.

Published on: Jun 10, 2021

Partial solar eclipse seen from Cluj. ©AROAC

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