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Astronomy exhibition of AIRA at Sun Plaza

The Astronomical Institute of the Romanian Academy, in partnership with Sun Plaza, Association “Astronomia 21” and Bucharest Astroclub, presents a new astronomy exhibition inside the commercial galleries of Sun Plaza in Bucharest. The event will be hosted in this location in between 15.04 - 27.05.2022, and aims to give the public an insight about the historical endeavor and the current research activities of the Astronomical Institute of the Romanian Academy (AIRA). In this respect, the emphasis of this cultural project falls on the rich patrimonial heritage of AIRA in Bucharest, represented by a large scientific and educational park that integrates several buildings and many specific instruments.

A messenger beyond words about the dynamic scientific evolution of Romania in the field of astronomy, the representative selections of our patrimony forms the core of this exposition hosted by Sun Plaza. For any visitor that is eager to learn more about the astronomical research done by Romanians and, generally, about astronomy as a “science of sciences”, seeing our new exhibition is a good place to continue this amazing journey.

Inside several display cases, some rare and valuable scientific instruments are exposed for the public, together with printed panels where the visitor can read and understand about their particular role in the Romanian astronomical research. Among these cultural items are a few ultra-precise clocks and recording devices, which were used as a reference in the continuous efforts of the Romanian research crews to calculate different types of scientific time, such as the sidereal time, solar time, including the calculation and nationwide reporting from Bucharest of the Legal Time of Romania. In the exhibition are also presented to the public several calculating machines, coming form the old mechanical ones to the electric machines that were used at AIRA up to the PC era.

As a close educational partner of AIRA, the Bucharest Astroclub, contributed to this exhibition by displaying some interesting meteorite fragments and a few telescopes used today by the amateur astronomers.

Published on: Apr 28, 2022

Exhibition presented by the Astronomical Institute of the Romanian Academy at Sun Plaza Commercial Center in Bucharest

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