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Type III and type II radio bursts observed by e-CALLISTO ROMANIA

On February 9, 2024, occurred the second largest X3.3 class solar flare during the current cycle, maximum occurs at 13.14 UTC, in AR13575 which has already passed the Sun's western limb, so it could have been even bigger. The coronal mass ejection was not directed to Earth, but still resulted in an S2 radiation storm, shortwave radio blackouts in the polar regions, and minor effects on satellite electronics.

Also, following the eruption, there were type III and type II radio emissions received by the e-CALLISTO Bucharest station (the attached image, processed with Java Viewer and Gimp). It is one of the most spectacular spectrograms obtained with our antenna and under conditions of significant radio disturbances produced by ground stations and building radio noise sources (RFI).

Info: Octavian Blagoi, Scientific Researcher, AIRA (

Radio bursts spectrogram of the 09.02.2024 solar flare as recorded from Bucharest, Romania (© AIRA, 2024)

Published on: Feb 19, 2024

X3.3 flare from SDO AIA 131A - image credit:

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