• The Astronomical Institute of the Romanian Academy (AIRA) is a modern and dynamic research institution that operates buildings and scientific instruments belonging to the astronomical observatories of Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca and Timişoara. Every year, we use to welcome many visitors in the perimeter of the institute's scientific facilities, while the access here is regulated by the laws of Romania concerning the national research structures. Having an outstanding cultural heritage and scientific patrimony, the institute aims to promote it for scientific, cultural and educational purposes as it represents an achievement of the whole Romanian nation, a laboratory for solutions and new research drives in astronomy and a great non-formal educational framework.

  • As the main activity goal of the Astronomical Institute of the Romanian Academy is the top level scientific research, the complementary educational activities depend on the availability of the institute's staff and scientific infrastructure to receive our guests.

  • The Bucharest Astronomical Observatory is headquartered in a beautiful area of the city, near Carol Park, where the Nation’s Heroes Memorial and the Grave of the Unknown Hero are located. Here, an eternal flame burns as a symbol of Romania’s recognition for the sacrifice of her heroes. The Astronomical Observatory has its own park covering an area of about 3 hectares where several of its astronomical research buildings are located: the Main Building (with the permanent exhibition in the Meridian Hall and the impressive Astrograph refractory telescope in the Equatorial Dome), Planetarium, Bosianu House, Sun Dome, Sun Building, Telescope Building, Small Meridian Hall, Astrolabe Building.

  • The Bucharest Observatory can be visited by the general public, only in organized groups of min. 15 people and after booking their visits first. People outside groups that will contact us to express their intention of visiting AIRA's scientific park, will be included in a waiting list and when a new group will be formed, we will return to them to set the date and time of the visit. Besides this possibility, the Bucharest Observatory organizes every year various cultural events such as the Open Gates Day when access to all visitors is allowed according to the event structure and schedule.

  • Our contact email for booking the visits is: astro@astro.ro

    Astronomy presentation of Oana Stere, AIRA scientific researcher, in front of a group of high school visitors in the Planetarium Hall
    The massive Prin-Merz astrograph - a powerful scientific instrument to draw the attention of all visitors
    Group of amateur astronomers during a visit in the Equatorial Dome
    Problem-solving educational activity done by Daniel Berteşteanu (Bucharest Astrolcub)
    Historian Sorin Marin (AIRA) during a guided tour in the Meridian Hall

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