Wednesday 15/05/2024 11:00

dr. Abbas Raboonik "Exact Nonlinear Decomposition of Ideal-MHD Waves Using Eigenenergies" pdf.

Tuesday 23/04/2024 11:00

dr. Patrick Shober "Deciphering Meteorite Pathways in the Solar System" pdf.

dr. Dmitrii Vavilov "Partial Banana Mapping: impact probability estimation and precovery of asteroids" pdf.

Wednesday 10/04/2024 11:00

dr. Giovanni Poggiali "MMX mission to Mars" pdf.

Wednesday 27/03/2024 11:00

dr. Eugen Pavel "Applications of Type I diffracted photons in astronomical imaging" pdf.

Wednesday 20/03/2024 11:00

dr. Radu Ionicioiu "The second quantum revolution: an opportunity for astronomy" pdf.

Wednesday 06/03/2024 11:00

dr. Marjorie Galinier "GAIA asteroid spectra" pdf.

Wednesday 28/02/2024 14:30

dr. Eugen Radu "Black holes, scalar fields and no-hair conjecture" pdf.

Wednesday 14/02/2024 11:00

dr. Aurelia Pășcuț "When Galaxy Clusters Collide" pdf.

Wednesday 17/01/2024 11:00

dr. Rositsa Miteva "Solar activity and space weather research in Bulgaria" pdf.

Wednesday 13/12/2023 11:00

dr. Richard P Binzel "Asteroid Exploration: From Telescopic Discovery to Spacecraft Investigation" pdf.

Wednesday 29/11/2023 11:00

dr. Haris Haralambous "Ionospheric remote sensing techniques and their complementary strengths" pdf.

Wednesday 15/11/2023 11:00

dr. Anita Heward "Europlanet – Opportunities for the Romanian Astronomical Community" pdf.

Wednesday 01/11/2023 11:00

dr. Jeff Hodgson "Cosmological QUOKKAS - Quasar Observations on the KVN from Korea to Australia and South Africa" pdf.

Wednesday 18/10/2023 11:00

dr. Diana Dragomir "The TESS Mission Reaches for Cooler Planets" pdf.

Wednesday 11/10/2023 11:00

dr. Tudor Vartolomei "Proper Elements for Space Debris and Applications" pdf.

Wednesday 27/09/2023 11:00

dr. Octavian Postăvaru "A Fibonacci-like universe expansion on time-scale" pdf.

Wednesday 13/09/2023 11:00

drd. Sébastien Verkercke "Effects of the Lunar Regolith Structure and of the Solar Wind Properties on the Backscattered Energetic Neutral Atoms Flux" .

Tuesday 04/07/2023 11:00

drd. Marcelo De Cicco "A brief overview of Earth-grazing Fireballs" pdf.

Wednesday 21/06/2023 10:00

dr. Marcel Popescu "Discovery and physical characterization as the first response to a potential asteroid collision: The case of 2023 DZ2" .

Wednesday 05/06/2023 11:00

dr. Marilena Mirela "Eruptions observed by EUI/FSI instrument onboard Solar Orbiter" pdf.

Wednesday 24/05/2023 11:00

dr. Andrei Zhukov "ASPIICS, a Giant Coronagraph Onboard the PROBA-3 Mission" pdf.

Wednesday 17/05/2023 11:00

Cmdr Vasile Chirilă "Astronavigația: de la gnomon și astrolab la sextantul Apollo" pdf.

Wednesday 26/04/2023 11:00

drd. Florin Constantin "Computing the Ionospheric Total Electron Content: from data to products" pdf.

Wednesday 12/04/2023 11:00

dr. Alin Răzan Paraschiv "On inverting solar coronal vector magnetic fields from infrared observations" pdf.

Wednesday 29/03/2023 11:00

dr. Iharka Szucs-Csillik "Numerical integrators in dynamical astronomy: an overview" pdf.

Wednesday 15/03/2023 11:00

dr. Ana Caramete "Low-Latency Pipelines for LISA Mission – A Deep Learning Approach" pdf.

Wednesday 01/03/2023 11:00

drd. Sorin Marin "A historical timeline of the Astronomical Institute of the Romanian Academy" pdf.

Wednesday 15/02/2023 11:00

drd. Livia Ionescu "A Multi-Spacecraft Strategy for the Capture of Near-Earth Asteroids" pdf.

Wednesday 01/02/2023 11:00

Octavian Blagoi "Solar radio emissions observed at Bucharest CALLISTO Station in 2022" pdf.

Wednesday 18/01/2023 11:00

dr. Mădălina Tudorache "Galaxy properties in the filaments of the cosmic web" pdf.


Wednesday 21/12/2022 11:00

drd. Sanghita Chandra "Persistence of Weak Magnetic Cycles During Solar Grand Minima Episodes" pdf.

Wednesday 7/12/2022 11:00

dr. Sabina Răducan "First results after the DART impact with the asteroid Dimorphos" .

Wednesday 16/11/2022 11:00

dr. Durgesh Tripathi "The Aditya-L1 mission of the Indian Space Science Research Organisation (ISRO)" .

Wednesday 2/11/2022 11:00

drd. Teodora Mihăilescu "Plasma composition in solar active regions" pdf.

Wednesday 12/10/2022 11:00

dr. Laurențiu Caramete "LISA Mission: General Presentation and Romanian Contributions" pdf.

Wednesday 28/09/2022 11:00

dr. Alexander Mazhaev "Observations of Selected Man-Made Objects with Ukraine Network of Optical Stations and Obtained Results in 2012 – 2022 Years" pdf.

Wednesday 21/09/2022 11:00

dr. Anton Pomazan "Follow up fast moving NEAs using rotating drift scan CCD technique in Ukraine and China" pdf.

Wednesday 07/09/2022 11:00

Vanessa Mercea "A Machine Learning Approach for Automated Sunquake Detection" pdf.

Wednesday 13/07/2022 11:00

dr. Alina Donea "HEXMAP a mathematical algorithm for magneto-helioseismology and far-side magnetic predictions" pdf.

Wednesday 22/06/2022 11:00

dr. Gabriela Blaga "Stochastic processes in Astrophysics and Cosmology" pdf.

Wednesday 08/06/2022 11:00

dr. Marius Echim "Auroras - a manifestation of solar wind - magnetosphere - ionosphere couplings in planetary plasma environments"

Wednesday 20/05/2022 11:00

dr. Randa Asad "Observational Studies of the Chemical Enrichment History of Galaxies" pdf.

Wednesday 04/05/2022 18:00

dr. Elena Dobrică "Focus on the latest Hayabusa2 samples from asteroid Ryugu" .

Wednesday 06/04/2022 11:00

dr. Dana Ficuț-Vicaș "ExoWorld Walk in the botanical garden of Cluj-Napoca", pdf.

Wednesday 23/03/2022 11:00

dr. Alina Istrate "On formation and evolution of extremely-low mass white dwarfs", pdf.

Wednesday 09/03/2022 11:00

dr. Adrian Bruno Șonka "Rotational periods of resonant minor planets", pdf.

Wednesday 23/02/2022 11:00

dr. Crisan Demetrescu "Long- and short-term responses of the heliosphere-magnetosphere environment to solar activity variations", pdf.

Wednesday 09/02/2022 11:00

dr. Diana Beșliu-Ionescu "HSS Catalogue and prediction of their geoeffectiveness", pdf.

Wednesday 26/01/2022 11:00

dr. Pierre Vernazza "Constraints on the formation and evolution of the largest main belt asteroids", pdf.

Wednesday 12/01/2022 11:00

dr. Ruxandra Toma, "Short Period Variable Stars in the OmegaWhite Survey", pdf.


Wednesday 8/12/2021 11:00

dr. Ana-Maria Adriana Piso, "Origins of Gas Giant Compositions: The Role of Disk Location and Dynamics", pdf.

Wednesday 24/11/2021 12:00

drd. Simon Anghel, "Meteoroids impacting the atmosphere : How can we measure them?", pdf.

Wednesday 10/11/2021 16:00

Dr. Raluca Ilie "Using Nitrogen Ions as Tracers for Current and Past Atmospheric Loss", .

Wednesday 27/10/2021 11:00

Dr. Mark Rushton "Luminous Red Novae", pdf, light echo movie.

Wednesday 06/10/2021 12:00

Dr. Phillip Judge "The Sun, stars, and evolution of life", presentation (pdf).

Friday 01/10/2021 11:00


Wednesday 14/07/2021 11:00

Dr. Ovidiu Teșileanu "Extreme Light and the Dark Matter", presentation (pdf).

Wednesday 30/06/2021 11:00

Andreea Pricopi "Predicția geoefectivității ejecțiilor coronale de masă folosind algoritmi de învățare automată", presentation (pdf).

Wednesday 16/06/2021 13:00

Dr. Andreea Font "Understanding the formation of the Milky Way in a cosmological context: how unique is our Galaxy", presentation (pdf).

Wednesday 26/05/2021 12:00

Dr. Dibyendu Nandi "The Sunspot Cycle: From Understanding to Forecasting", presentation (pdf).

Wednesday 12/05/2021 12:00

Toma Bădescu "Millimeter Hydrogen Recombination Lines as a Tracer of Extragalactic Star Formation", presentation (pdf).

Wednesday 14/04/2021 14:00

Dr. Marilena Mierlă "Long-term Evolution of the Solar Corona Using PROBA2 Data", presentation (pdf).

Thursday 01/04/2021 10:00

Dr. Alin Răzvan Paraschiv, "Observații Spectrale, Polarimetrice, și Modelări Analitice ale Coroanei Solare: I, Geyseri coronali; II, Inversii de câmp magnetic coronal", presentation (pdf). Movies are available in order movie 1, movie 2, movie 3.

Thursday 25/03/2021 15:30

Alexandra Botnariuc, "Impactul variabilității stelare asupra aspectului observațional al discurilor protoplanetare", presentation (pdf).

Wednesday 10/03/2021 10:00

Dr. Daniela Adriana Lăcătuș, "Cromosfera solară dezvăluită prin spectroscopie", presentation (pdf) Movies are available in order movie 1, movie 2, movie 3, movie 4.

Thursday 18/02/2021 16:00

Dr. Radu Dan Căpitan "Crater Evolution and Entropy. A Martian chronicle on current and ongoing missions' locations", presentation (pdf).

Wednesday 27/01/2021 12:00

Dr. Mirel Birlan, IMCCE, AIRA, "Statistica meteorilor din baza de date FRIPON", presentation (pdf).


Wednesday 19/12/2020 10:00

Dr. Ilia Roussev, "Multi Messenger Astrophysics", presentation (pdf).

Thursday 15/10/2020 11:00

Our institute is pleased to announce the public defence of L. Dumitru's PhD Thesis: Study of the Helicity in Solar Active Regions

Wednesday 19/02/2020 12:00

Sandor Kruk, ESA Research Fellow, Directorate of Science, ESTEC: "From galaxies to asteroids: citizen science and image classification in the era of Big Data"

Wednesday 12/01/2019 12:00

Dr. Alina Donea, Monash Centre for Astrophysics, Monash University, Waves and Solar Flares seismology from the photosphere to Corona

Wednesday 26/06/2018 12:00

Dr. Radu Dan Capitan, Department of Earth Sciences, Western Ontario University Canada, Directii de cercetare planetologica in cadrul observatiilor orbitale si in situ ale planetei Marte.


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