The Astronomical Institute of the Romanian Academy (AIRA) has branches in Cluj-Napoca and Timişoara.

Cluj-Napoca Astronomical Observatory

  • Cluj-Napoca Observatory is a scientific research and educational institution in the fields of astrophysics, general astronomy, celestial mechanics and artificial satellites. At the Observatory take place regularly many of the classes, seminars and workshops of the Mechanics and Computer Science Faculty and of the Physics Faculty, belonging to “Babeş-Bolyai” University.

  • The results of the research studies done by the academic staff and other scientists of the Observatory and by many of the students are constantly published in articles and books or presented in workshops in Romania and abroad.

  • Cluj-Napoca Observatory is also the welcoming host of many astronomy presentations, lessons, virtual sky projections and direct observations with the telescopes, which are all addressed to the general public.

  • The individual and public interest for the studying of astronomy is also supported by the access offered to the specialized library of the Observatory, having about 16.000 books.

  • Timişoara Astronomical Observatory

  • Timişoara Observatory is a part of the Astronomical Institute of the Romanian Academy, Timişoara branch. Therefore, the Observatory has specific research projects and its scientists communicate their findings in published articles, books or in the workshops organized in Romania and abroad.

  • Among the main research themes which are currently covered by the scientific activities of the Observatory are the solar activity and the studying of the solar radiation received on the Earth as it passes through our atmosphere. Based on this work, at the Observatory are made mathematical and physical models serving to the purpose of prognosis and quantifying of the Sun's level of radiation measured at the surface of the Earth.

  • Timişoara Astronomical Observatory opens its gates every year, on different occasions, to the general public.One of these opportunities is given by Observatory's participation to the non-formal education program „Şcoala Altfel” („A Different Kind of School”).

  • Cluj-Napoca Astronomical Observatory
    Timişoara Astronomical Observatory

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