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1. Born in: Cluj, Romania, on 26 April 1920.

2. Studies: Ph. D. (Biology) in 1956

3. Left Romania in Autumn 1941.

4. Some personal data: Married, five children.

5. The most important works:

About 100 papers and books on Astronomy. The papers were published in

journals as "Sky and Telescope", "Astronomy Magazine", "Journal of

British Astronomical Association", "Strolling Astronomer", "Orion",

"L'Astronomie", "Ciel et Espace", "Astro-Ciel", "Pulsar". Among his

books, "High Resolution Astrophotography" (Cambridge University Press,

1995) is to be remarked.

More than 160 papers and books on Protozoology, Wild Birds and Mammals,

Photography, Cinematography, Ballistics, etc.

6.Scientific fellowship:

Secretary of the Planet Commission of the SAF (1964-1969)

President of the same Commission (1969-1986)

Chairman of the GIOSP - International group of planetary observers,

France (since 1986)

Jupiter Assistant Recorder of the ALPO (USA)

7. Other information:

Astronomical awards:

1946: SAF prize for planetary observations

1965: SAF prize for planetary visual observations

1975: "Prix des Dames", the highest SAF prize, for general contributionto amateur astronomy

1981: French prize of "the best technical photographic book", a book on astronomical photography, written with P. Bourge and Y. Dargery

1984: First prize at the Lunar photography contest of the BAA (Great Britain)

1985: Prize for black and white solar system photography ("Astrophoto6")

1986: Halley comet photo prize ("Science et Vie")

1987: "Walter Haas Award" of the ALPO (USA) for visual and photographic  planetary observations

1988: Prize of the Centenary of SAF, awarded to the 12 best known amateur astronomers

1988: Prize for the better photographic contribution to the magazine "The Astronomer" (Great Britain)

1990: "Stevenson Award" for observational astronomy (British Astronomical Association)

In 2000, on the occasion of his 80th anniversary, his name was assigned to the asteroid 12498.