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1. Born in: Bordeaux (France), 25/7/1940.

2. Studies: Bordeaux University.

3. Relation with Romania: My father was born in Focsani (Romania) in 1911 and live in Romania until 1925, epoch of his departure to France.

4. Some personal data: Married, 3 children.

5. Relatives still living in Romania: I have (at my knowledge) no more relatives in Romania.

6. Most important works: Dynamics of the satellites of Saturn; Observations and theoretical work concerning the meridian circle at Bordeaux Observatory (preparation of the Input catalogue of the Hipparcos mission, program Meridien 2000); Reduction of astrometric data coming from Scmidt plates, CCD frames; Determination of proper motions and parallaxes from ground based observations.

7. Scientific membership: IAU (International Astronomical Union). SFSA (Societe Francaise des Specialistes en Astronomie).