Official address:
Astronomical Institute of the Romanian Academy
Bucharest, str. Cutitul de Argint 5, RO-040557, Romania
phone: +4021 335 68 92, +40722 736 864,
phone/fax: +4021 337 33 89

Field of interest:

Astrometry, celestial mechanics, history of astronomy, astronomical education, science and religion

License - Faculty of Mathematics-Mechanics, Astronomical Department, University of Bucharest
<>Ph.D. – mathematics, specialty: astronomy, Faculty of Mathematics-informatics, University “Babes-Bolyai" of Cluj-Napoca


Membership of professional bodies:
Member of the International Astronomical Union, IAU (commissions 8, 19, 41);
 - Chair of the IAU working-group „The Future Development of the Ground-Based Astrometry” (2000-2006)
 - Founder member of the European Astronomical Society, EAS;
 - EAS councilor (2000-2004);
 - Chair of the EAS South East Branch for SEE (from 2000);
 - Chair of the Sub-Regional European Astronomical Committee, under UNESCO-ROSTE aegis (2004, 2005)
 - Member of the European Society „Astronomy in Culture”, SEAC
 - Chair of the SEAC working group „Astronomy and cultural heritage” (from 2004)
 - Founder member of international society “Euroscience”;
 - Member of COSPAR (Committee on Space Research);
 - Member of the working group “Eclipse ‘99” of the European Council (1998-2000);
 - Member in the Scientific Council of the Romanian Space Agency;
 - President of the Scientific Council of the Astronomical Institute of the Romanian Academy (1990-2005);
 - Director of the Astronomical Institute of the Romanian Academy (1990-2005);
 - President of the international association "Eclipsa '99", now „Astronomia 21” (from 1996);
 - Member of the bureau of the National Romanian Astronomical Committee (from 2002); president (1998-2002), vicepresident (1994-1998);
 - Member of the Romanian Committee for History and Philosophy of Science and Technique (from 2002);
 - Member International Center for Transdisciplinary Research CIRET (from 2004)
 - Coordinator of the Romanian team of the FP6 program EUROPLANET (from 2005);
 - Executive President of the Association for the Dialogue between Science and Theology in Romania -ADSTR (from 2005);
 - Member of the editorial boards of Romanian Astronomical Journal and Bulletin Astronomique de Belgrade;
 - National node for the international campaign VT-2004 (Venus transit, 2004);
 - Responsible of the national Program “Science and Religion in Romania” (from 2004)
 - Member of the Armenian Astronomical Society (ArAS) - 2009


Officier de l’Ordre National du Mérite, décret du Président de la R. Française de 8 avril 2005 ;
Special Recognition Award: "Global Perspectives on Science and Spirituality: A Program of the Université Interdisciplinaire de Paris and Elon University with funding from the John Templeton Foundation." (March 2005) ;

Radio Cultural Excellence Award for promoting the Romanian and international astronomical research during the scientific programs, 2002;
UNESCO Excellence Award "Cecilia Banc for Science Popularization", 2004


Present position:
Senior research, first degree, Astronomical Institute of the Romanian Academy

- about 300 scientific papers, more than half in refereed journals
- 13 books (original or translations), chapters in 9 books
-  editor of 20 volumes, Astronomical Yearbook (from 1980 until 1990, as member in the editorial board, from 1991 editor in chief),
hundred of articles or different presentations in mass-media

International meetings organized or co organized:

      -International symposium “120 years from the birth of N. Donici”, Chisinau, R. Moldavia, 1994;
A.R.Workshop "CCD and photometric receptors applied to the Observations of the Saturnian satellites during the 1995-1996 opportunity" - PHESAT 95, Bucharest, Romania, 1994;
ESAC III, Annual Meeting, International Conference on Archaeoastronomy and Ethnoastronomy, Sibiu, Romania, 1995;
Romanian-Russian conference “Symbolic Calculations and Their Application in Fundamental Researches”, Bucharest, Romania, 1995;
NATO ARW, "Theoretical and Observational Problems Related to Solar Eclipses", Sinaia, Romania, 1996;
4 Romanian-Serbian round tables (Timisoara, 1995; Belgrade, 1996; Cluj-Napoca, 1997; Belgrade, 1998);
International workshop “On present and future Astrometry”, Prague, 1997;
Romanian-Russian colloquium “Processing and Application for Astronomical Data and Scientific-Technical Information Interchange”, Bucharest, Romania, 1997;
Romanian-Russian colloquium “Processing and Application for Astronomical Data and Scientific-Technical Information Interchange”, St. Petersburg, Russia, 1998;
- International jury of the IAU contest for the best programs proposed for 1999 TSE
- International workshop “Astrolabes”, Poznan, Poland, 1998;
- NATO ASI “Advances in Solar Research from Ground and from Space”, Bucharest, Romania, 1999;
- The 24th International School for Young Astronomers ISYA (IAU/UNESCO), Bucharest, Romania, 1999;
- International Seminar "Solar Researches in the South-Eastern European Countries: Present and Perspectives", Bucharest, Romania, 2001;
- Joint Discussion “Astronomy with Small Telescopes”, JENAM 2001, München, Germany, 2001
- International colloquium "Science and religion. Antagonism or complementarity?", Bucharest, Romania, 2001
- Journées 2002, Systèmes de référence spatio-temporels, Bucharest, Romania, 2002
- IAU WG meeting “The Future Development of the Ground-Based Astrometry”, Bucharest, Romania, 2002
- The second international Seminar of the SEE branch of EAS "New Results in Stellar Physics", Timisoara, Romania, 2002;
- Astronomy summer school South-Eastern Europe Youth at the Telescope (Belogradchik, Bulgaria), 2003
- Special Session of IAU WG The Future Development of Ground-Based Astrometry, Sydney, Australia, 2003;
- Initiator of the IAU resolution concerning the teaching of the astronomy
- JENAM 2003, Special Session Astronomy Education in Europe, Budapest, Hungary, 2003;
- 1st Meeting of the Sub-Regional European Astronomical Committee, Bucharest, Romania, 2004;
- Semaine franco-roumaine des sciences et de la technique”, Bucharest, Romania, 2003, 2004 and 2005;
- Conference “Georgi Manev – Historical and Contemporary Aspects of Astronomy, Theoretical and Gravitational Physics”, Chair of the SOC, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2004;
- Special Session “Training and Communicating Astronomy”, JENAM-2004, Granada, Spain, 2004;
- Scientific Session “Astrometry with Small Telescopes”, Bucharest, Romania, 2004;
- 2nd Meeting of the Sub-Regional European Astronomical Committee, Bucharest, Romania, 2004;
- Special session “Astrophysics, and how to attract young people into Physics”, JENAM 2005, 4-7 July 2005, Liège, Belgium
- 2005 Yale Summer Workshop on Basic Astrometric Methods, July 2005, Yale University, New Haven CT, USA
- Scientific session “Scientific programs and astronomy education”, Bucharest, Romania, 2005
- 3rd Meeting of the Sub-Regional European Astronomical Committee, 2005
- Congress “Science and Orthodoxy, a necessary dialogue”, Romania, 2005