Official address:
Astronomical Institute of the Romanian Academy
Bucharest, str. Cutitul de Argint 5, RO-040557, Romania
phone: +4021 335 68 92, +40722 736 864,
phone/fax: +4021 337 33 89

Field of interest:

Astrometry, celestial mechanics, history of astronomy, astronomical education, transdisciplinarity


License - Faculty of Mathematics-Mechanics, Astronomical Department, University of Bucharest
Ph.D. – mathematics, specialty: astronomy, Faculty of Mathematics-informatics, University “Babes-Bolyai" of Cluj-Napoca 

Membership of professional bodies:
Affiliations within the International Astronomical Union, IAU
                (Division A Fundamental Astronomy:
                WG Astrometry by Small Ground-Based Telescopes;
                Division C Education Outreach and Heritage:
                Commission C1 Astronomy Education and Development,
                WG Network for Astronomy School Education – NASE,
                WG Theory and Methods in Astronomy Education
                Commission C2 Communicating Astronomy with the Public;
                WG Outreach Professionalization & Accreditation;
                WG Public Outreach Information Management);
Past affiliations within the IAU
•    Past President of Division C Commission 46 Astronomy Education & Development (2006-2009);
•    Past Organizing Committee Member of Division XII Union-Wide Activities (2006-2009);
•    Past Organizing Committee Member of Division C Commission 46 Astronomy Education & Development (2012-2015);
•    Past Member of Division A Commission 8 Astrometry (2011-2015);
•    Past Member of Division C Commission 41 History of Astronomy (2011-2015);
•    Past Member of Division C Commission 41 History of Astronomy;
•    Past Member of Division C Commission 46 Astronomy Education & Development;
•    Past Member of Division C Commission 55 Communicating Astronomy with the Public (2011-2015);
•    Past Member of Division C Commission 46 PG Network for Astronomy Education NASE (until 2012);
•    Past Member of Division C Commission 55 WG Outreach Professionalization & Accreditation (until 2015);
•    Past Member of Division C Commission 55 WG Public Outreach Information Management (until 2015);

•    Founder member of the European Astronomical Society, EAS;
•    EAS councilor (2000-2004);
•    Chair of the EAS South East Branch for SEE (from 2000);
•    Chair of the Sub-Regional European Astronomical Committee, under UNESCO-ROSTE aegis (2004, 2005)
•    Member of the European Society „Astronomy in Culture”, SEAC;
•    Chair of the SEAC WG „Astronomy and cultural heritage” (from 2004);
•    Founder member of international society “Euroscience”;
•    Member of COSPAR (Committee on Space Research);
•    Member of the WG “Eclipse ‘99” of the European Council (1998-2000);
•    Member in the Scientific Council of the Romanian Space Agency;
•    President of the Scientific Council of the Astronomical Institute of the Romanian Academy (1990-2005);
•    Director of the Astronomical Institute of the Romanian Academy (1990-2005);
•    President of the international association "Eclipsa '99", now „Astronomia 21” (from 1996);
•    Member of the bureau of the National Romanian Astronomical Committee (from 2002); president (1998-2002), vice-president (1994-1998);
•    Member of the Romanian Committee for History and Philosophy of Science and Technique – CRIFST (from 2002);
•    National node for the international campaign VT-2004 (Venus transit, 2004
•    Member International Center for Transdisciplinary Research – CIRET (from 2004)
•    Coordinator of the Romanian team of the FP6 program EUROPLANET (2005-2013);
•    Member of the board of the OPTICON WG on “Enhancing Community Skills”
•    Executive President of the Association for the Dialogue between Science and Theology in Romania -ADSTR (from 2005);
•    President of the Institute for Transdisciplinary Studies for Science, Spirituality, Society (from 2010);
•    President of the National Committee for the Astronomical Olympiads.
•    Member of the Armenian Astronomical Society
•    Member of the society “Les Roumains de France”

•    Officier de l’Ordre National du Mérite, décret du Président de la R. Française de 8 avril 2005 ;
•    Special Recognition Award: "Global Perspectives on Science and Spirituality: A Program of the Université Interdisciplinaire de Paris and Elon University with funding from the John Templeton Foundation." (March 2005) ;
•    Radio Cultural Excellence Award for promoting the Romanian and international astronomical research during the scientific programs, 2002;
•    UNESCO Excellence Award "Cecilia Banc for Science Popularization", 2004
•    Medalia 70 de ani de la crearea primelor institutii de cercetare si 55 de ani de la fondarea Academiei de Stiinte a R. Moldova, awarded by the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, June 2016.

Present position:
Honorary member of the Astronomical Institute of the Romanian Academy.

              -    about 300 scientific papers, more than half in refereed journals

              Coeditor for:
              -    Theoretical and Observational Problems Related to Solar Eclipses (1997),
              -    Advances in Solar Research at Eclipses from Ground and from Space (2000),
              -    Leçons d’astronomie (2003),
              -    14 Steps to the Universe (2015).
              -    More than 80 books in the Series „Science and Religion”, „Science, Spirituality, Society”, “Curtea Veche” Publishing.

              Author or coauthor for:
              -    Astronomical Observatory, 75 years of existence (1983),
              -    Cometa Halley (1985),
              -    La drum cu Pământul (1986),
              -    Coopération entre astronomes roumains et français − une longue tradition (1995),
              -    Întuneric în plină zi (1999),
              -    Mic dicţionar al eclipselor (1999),
              -    Small Dictionary of Eclipses (2000),
              -    Timpul de-a lungul...timpului (2002),
              -    După 122 de ani: Venus şi Soarele (2004),
              -    Histoire celeste. Entre Roumanie et France (2008),
              -    Astronomical Institute of the Romanian Academy. Bucharest Observatory Centenary (2008),
              -    Istoria astronomiei româneşti – DVD (2014),
              -    Constantin Pârvulescu, erou şi cercetător al cerului (2015),
              -    Astronomul Nicolae Donici; enigme descifrate (2015).
              -    Astronomia si Academia Romana (2016)
              -    Nicolae Coculesu - o viata printre stele (2016)
              -    A chapter in Astrometry for Astrophysics: Methods, Models and Applications Celestial Coordinate Systems and Positions, ed. William F. van Altena, Cambridge University Press, 2012

Editor of 20 volumes, Astronomical Yearbook (from 1980 until 1990, as member in the editorial board, 1991-2005 editor in chief),

Hundred of articles or different presentations in mass-media

International meetings organized or co organized:

-    International symposium “120 years from the birth of N. Donici”, 1994, Chisinau, R. Moldavia;
-    A.R. Workshop "CCD and photometric receptors applied to the Observations of the Saturnian satellites during the 1995-1996 opportunity" - PHESAT 95, 1994, Bucharest, Romania;
-    ESAC III, Annual Meeting, International Conference on Archaeoastronomy and Ethnoastronomy, 1995, Sibiu, Romania;
-    Romanian-Russian conference “Symbolic Calculations and Their Application in Fundamental Researches”, 1995, Bucharest, Romania;
-    NATO ARW, "Theoretical and Observational Problems Related to Solar Eclipses", 1996, Sinaia, Romania;
-    4 Romanian-Serbian round tables (Timisoara, 1995; Belgrade, 1996; Cluj-Napoca, 1997; Belgrade, 1998);
-    International workshop “On present and future Astrometry”, Prague, 1997;
-    Romanian-Russian colloquium „Processing and Application for Astronomical Data and Scientific-Technical Information Interchange”, Bucharest, Romania, 1997;
-    Romanian-Russian colloquium „Processing and Application for Astronomical Data and Scientific-Technical Information Interchange”, St. Petersburg, Russia, 1998;
-    International jury of the IAU contest for the best programs proposed for 1999 TSE
-    International workshop „Astrolabes”, Poznan, Poland, 1998;
-    NATO ASI „Advances in Solar Research from Ground and from Space”, Bucharest, Romania, 1999;
-    The 24th International School for Young Astronomers ISYA (IAU/UNESCO), Bucharest, Romania, 1999;
-    International Seminar „Solar Researches in the South-Eastern European Countries: Present and Perspectivesˮ, Bucharest, Romania, 2001;
-    Joint Discussion „Astronomy with Small Telescopes”, JENAM 2001, München, Germany, 2001
-    International colloquium "Science and religion. Antagonism or complementarity?", Bucharest, Romania, 2001.
-    Journées 2002, „Systèmes de référence spatio-temporelsˮ, Bucharest, Romania, 2002
-    IAU WG meeting „The Future Development of the Ground-Based Astrometry”, Bucharest, Romania, 2002
-    The second international Seminar of the SEE branch of EAS „New Results in Stellar Physicsˮ, Timisoara, Romania, 2002;
-    Astronomy summer school „South-Eastern Europe Youth at the Telescopeˮ (Belogradchik, Bulgaria), 2003
-    Special Session of IAU WG The Future Development of Ground-Based Astrometry, Sydney, Australia, 2003;
-    Initiator of the IAU resolution concerning the teaching of the astronomy
-    JENAM 2003, Special Session „Astronomy Education in Europeˮ, Budapest, Hungary, 2003;
-    1st Meeting of the Sub-Regional European Astronomical Committee, Bucharest, Romania, 2004;
-    „Semaine franco-roumaine des sciences et de la technique”, 2003, 2004 and 2005, Bucharest, Romania ;
-    Conference „Georgi Manev – Historical and Contemporary Aspects of Astronomy, Theoretical and Gravitational Physics”, Chair of the SOC, 2004, Sofia, Bulgaria;
-    Special Session „Training and Communicating Astronomy”, JENAM-2004, 13-17 September 2004, Granada, Spain;
-    Scientific Session „Astrometry with Small Telescopes”, 2004, Bucharest, Romania;
-    2nd Meeting of the Sub-Regional European Astronomical Committee, 2004, Bucharest, Romania;
-    Special session „Astrophysics, and how to attract young people into Physics”, JENAM 2005, 4-7 July 2005, Liège, Belgium;
-    2005 Yale Summer Workshop on Basic Astrometric Methods, July 2005, Yale University, New Haven CT, USA;
-    Scientific session „Scientific programs and astronomy education”, 2005, Bucharest, Romania;
-    3rd Meeting of the Sub-Regional European Astronomical Committee, 2005;
-    International Congress „Science and Orthodoxy, a necessary dialogue”, 22-26 October 2005, Bucaharest and Constanta, Romania;
-    International Congress „Transdisciplinary Approaches of the Dialogue between Science, Art and Religion in the Europe of Tomorrow”, 9-11 September 2007, Sibiu, Romania;
-    International Congress „The Dialogue between Science and Religion in the Orthodox World”, 25-28 September 2008, Bucharest, Romania;
-    International Congress „Romania, as Laboratory of the Dialogue between Science and Spirituality in the Contemporary World”, 19-20 October 2009, Bucharest, Romania;
-    International Workshop „Science, Religion, Spirituality and Society as Background of a Stable Peace in the Contemporary World”, 6-9 December 2010, Bucharest, Romania;
-    JENAM 2007, Session „Astronomy education”, 20-25 August, 2007, Yerevan, Armenia;
-    JENAM 2008, Symposium „ Education and Communicating Astronomy in Europe - Preparation for IYA2009”, 7-13 September 2008, Vienna, Austria
-    JENAM 2009, Session „The IYA 2009 in Europe”, 20-23 April 2009, Hertfordshire, UK;
-    JENAM 2010, Special Session „ Education and Outreach after IYA2009 in Europe”, 6-10 September 2010, Lisbon, Portugal;
-    EWASS 2012, Symposium “Astronomy Education in Europe”, 5 July 2012, Roma, Italy;
-    EWASS 2013, Special Session „Astronomy Education and Public Outreach”, 8 July 2013, Turku, Finland;
-    EWASS 2014, Special Meeting „Inter-, multi- and trans-disciplinarity in Astronomy Education”, 30 June-4 July 2014, Geneva, Switzerland;
-    International Session “The Astronomer Nicolae Donici. 140 years since his birth”, 8 September 2014, Bucharest, Romania;
-    International Symposium “The Astronomer Nicolae Coculescu - 150 Years since his Birth“, 31 October 2016, Bucharest, Romania.