Florin DIACU

Professor, UVic-Site Director of the Pacific Institute for the

Mathematical Sciences (1999-2002)

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

University of Victoria

P.O. Box 3045 STN CSC

Victoria, B.C., V8W 3P4, Canada

Tel: +(250) 721 63 30

Fax:.+(250) 721 89 62

E-mail: diacu@math.uvic.ca, pimsdir@uvic.ca
1. Born in: Sibiu, Romania, 24.04.1959
2. Studies: Diploma in Mathematics, University of Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania, 1983 Doctor rerum naturarium (Ph.D. in Mathematics), Ruprecht-Karl University, Heidelberg, Germany, 1989.
3. Left Romania in: 1988
4. Some personal data: Married, one boy, Razvan.
5. Relatives still living in Romania: Yes
6. The most important works: F.Diacu. Regularization of partial collisions in the N-body problem, Differential and Integral Equations 5 (1992), 103-136. F.Diacu. Near-collision dynamics for particle systems with quasihomogeneous potentials, Journal of Differential Equations 128 (1996), 58-77. F.Diacu, A. Mingarelli, V. Mioc, and C. Stoica. The Manev two-body problem: quantitative and qualitative theory, in Dynamical Systems and Applications, World Scientific Series in Applicable Analysis, R. J. Agarwal (ed.), pp. 213-227, World Scientific, Singapore, 1995. J. Delgado, F.Diacu, F.N. Lacomba, A. Mingarelli, V. Mioc, E. Perez, and C. Stoica. The global flow of the Manev problem, Journal of Mathematical Physics 37 (1996), 2748-2761. F.Diacu and D. Selaru. Chaos in the Gylden problem, Journal of Mathematical Physics 39 (1998), 6537-6546. F.Diacu, V. Mioc, and C.Stoica. Phase-space structure and regularization of Manev-type problems, Nonlinear Analysis (to appear). F.Diacu. Singularities of the N-Body Problem - An Introduction to Celestial Mechanics, Les Publications CRM, Montreal, 1992. F.Diacu and P. Holmes. Celestial Encounters - The Origins of Chaos and Stability, Princeton University Press, Princeton, New Jersey, 1996. (This book was translated into Romanian (1996) and Chinese (1999). It received two awards: "Outstanding Academic Book", by Choice Magazine and it was one of best nonfiction books of 1997 for The American Reporter Book Review.) F.Diacu. Order and Chaos - An Introduction to Differential Equations, W.H.Freeman & Co. (will appear in 2000). H.Cabral and F.Diacu. The Recife Lectures in Celestial Mechanics (in preparation - contract signed with Princeton University Press).
7. Scientific membership: Member of the Mathematics-Computer-Science NSERC Scholarships and Memberships Committee (1996-2002); Chair of the Mathematics-Computer-Science NSERC Scholarships and Memberships Committee (2000-2001); American-Romanian Academy of Arts and Sciences; Canadian Mathematical Society; American Mathematical Society; Mathematical Association of America.
8. Other information: Major Awards: The 1996 Prize of the American Romanian Academy of Arts and Sciences (from the prize citation:) "in recognition of his outstanding scholarly contributions to the modern theory of dynamical systems."