Alexandre Humberto ANDREI
Senior Researcher - Observatorio Nacional
R. Gal. Jose Cristino 77 - S. Cristovao - R. Janeiro
CEP 20921-400 - RJ - Brazil
Tel: (021) 5892955 - Fax: (021) 5898972 - Telex: (021) 21288

1. Born in:
Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

2. Studies:

Undergraduate: Astronomy; Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ),
MSc: Astronomy; Sao Paulo State University (USP), Brasil;
PhD: Physics; University of Cambridge, UK.

3. Related to Romania:

Father (and obviously all the relatives from his side)
Myself and sons, as I've acquired the Romanian nationality

4. Some personal data:

Married to Ana Luiza de Souza Andrei (born Faria de Souza); lawyer and
Sons: Alan Cesar de Souza Andrei, Medicine student;
Adriano Humberto de Souza Andrei, College student.

5. Relatives still living in Romania?

Yes - a very big family

6. The most important works:

That's a difficult question. I have presently 28 works listed on the
ADS, have presented 23 works at international meetings, and 70 works at
Brazilian meetings. So I'll pick up the ones published in the current
year, which represent my main fields of research:
- Solar Diameter Observations at Observatorio Nacional in 1997-1998;
A&ApS 135 (1999), 227-229.
- Observation of Radio Emitting Stars at the Valinhos CCD Meridian
Circle; A&ApS 136 (1999), 531-537.
- Early Radio Positions of Stars; 1999; AJ 117 (1999), 483-491.

7. Scientific membership:

IAU (from the next G.A. on, at least!);
Brasilian Astronomical Society;
Canadian Research Council.

8. Other information:

Besides research as such, I am strongly engaged in post-graduating
teaching and in orientating degree's projects.
P.S.: Nevertheless, I enjoy off-astronomy life too!