Nicholas SANDULEAK (1933-1990)

Born: 22 June 1933, in Lackawanna, N.Y., USA, from Romanian-born parents

Passed away: 7 May 1990

Case Institute of Technology, Cleveland, Ohio, USA

- B. Sc. in physics (1956)

- M. Sc. in astronomy (1961)

- Ph. D. in astronomy (1965)


- staff member at Kitt Peak and Cerro Tololo Observatories

- research associate at Warner and Swasey Observatory

Main achievements:

- very large objective prism spectroscopic surveys;

- studies about the Magellanic Clouds; at one point he published the list containing the star Sanduleak -69?202, destined to become the famous supernova 1987 A; he co-authored a list of H-alpha-emission stars containing the peculiar object still referred to as SS 433;

- extension of the Case-Hamburg Milky Way survey to the southern hemisphere, generating a list of 5000 "Luminous Stars in the Southern Milky Way";

- collaboration in "The Case Low-Dispersion Northern Sky Survey", a search for interesting, mostly faint spectra of stars and galaxies at high galactic latitudes;

- co-discovery of almost half of all the symbiotic stars now known;

- studies about a large number of spectroscopically interesting individual objects: emission-line objects, variable stars, an occasional quasar, and much else;

- lists of important classes of objects, such as planetary nebulae and blue horizontal-branch stars in globular clusters.