Reuven RAMATY (1937-2001)

Born: 25 Februart 1937, in Timisoara, Romania

Passed away: 8 April 2001, Silver Spring, Maryland, USA


- Tel Aviv University, Israel: B. Sc. in physics (1961)

- UCLA, Los Angeles, California, USA: Ph. D. in planetary and space physics (1966)


- government employed astrophysicist at the Laboratory for High Energy Astrophysics of Goddard Space Flight Center (Head of the Theory Office of the Laboratory from 1980 to 1993)

- visiting professor at Nagoya University, Japan (1993)

- visiting scientist at Caltech, tanford University, the University of California (Berkeley and San Diego), the University of Pennsylvania, Washington University (St. Louis, Missouri)

- adjunct professor of physics at the University of Maryland, College Park (1983-2001)

- associate editor of "Physical Review Letters"(1974-1977)

- chair of the American Physical Society's divisions of astrophysics (1977-1978) and high-energy astronomy (1984-1085)

- APS divisional councillor for astrophysics (1986-1989)

Main achievements:

- consistent contribution to the development of Compton Gamma Ray Observatory (CGRO), Solar Maximum Mission (SMM), and HESSI mission;

- studies on solar-flare physics, gamma-ray astronomy, and cosmic rays; the Ramaty-Fisk-Kozlovsky theory about the origin of low-energy anomalous cosmic rays is now generally accepted;

- pioneering studies of positron annihilation radiation, nuclear deexcitation lines, and nucleosynthetic decay lines in the interstellar medium and compact sources.